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We offer all available products on the market for contraception.

Hormon free intrauterine systems like Gynefix®, the IUB Ball® (Ball with copper) and the copper loop.

With the Hormone IUS you can choose between Mirena®, Jaydess® and Kyleena® made by Jenapharm. Jaydess® is an IUS which is specially created for the needs of young women.
Mini pill
Micro pill
Morning after pill
Implanon® insertion

Cause every women has different needs we should find the optimal solution for you individually.


We offer additional complementary examinations e.g. pelvic ultrasound scan, HPV Testing, Thin Prep Test and breast ultrasound.

In my practice, the after care is performed according to the current guidelines of the tumour Centre Munich (TZM).

Please refer to http://www.tumorzentrum-muenchen.de/patienten.html

We will be happy to advise you individually and according to the latest findings of science on this hot topic.

We carry out all usual and necessary vaccinations e.g. polio, tetanus, rubella etc, as well as specially requested vaccinations. Vaccination against cervical cancer (HPV) for girls up to the age of 17. Please bring your vaccination documentation if you require a vaccination.

Special consultation for young girls with regard to contraception, sex life, menstrual cycle problems and menstrual pain.

In the case of Infertility, the diagnosis can be done up to a certain point in the practice. We work in close cooperation with specialised fertility centres.